What we do...


    MEDIA HQ is a Nairobi – Amsterdam - Kampala based media production company, providing creative, high quality production services at international standards. Since 2017 we have added an affiliate office in Kampala, Uganda.

    MEDIA HQ Started off as media production company and has diverted into developing Social Media Strategies.

    We found out that many of our clients needed help developing their social media platforms (and to actively maintain it). We want the videos we make to be embedded in the right environment so we provide this service now.


    MEDIA HQ consults on communication challenges, develops concepts and produces media projects.

    This can be a short film for a NGO, a series of TV programs for a multinational (with commercial or social media angles) or an international documentary with a broadcaster. Film, photography, animation… we can even do print.


    MEDIA HQ has a network of media producers all over the globe and from our office we coordinate, select the right people on the ground and if desired we can travel there to produce on site together with the local crews.


    MEDIA HQ also provides fixing and local productions services for international production companies and broadcasters for documentaries, game shows and TV programs in East Africa. We deliver all facilities including research, (film)permits, practicalities like cars, hotels, fixers, producers and film crews.


    MEDIA HQ is reliable, on time, creative, flexible and friendly.

    We take care that the client's expectations come true and that it’s a nice journey with us.


  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and Enjoy!

    Outreach: work visit to our partner Dr Sardjito Hospital in Indonesia

    Professionals of the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology share their knowledge and skills with colleagues in Low & Middle Income Countries. In these countries the chances of cure from childhood cancer are often less than 10%, while in rich countries the cure rate is around 75%.


    Travel with a Goat

    Two foodies, one animal, one tough choice. Watch as two foodies embark on a journey through Kenya with an unlikely companion. Freedom or Feast - what would you do?

    Media HQ provided crew members for this project.

    Women in Coffee

    The fact that an investment in women and girls is an investment in sustainable development is gradually becoming a fact.
    Studies have shown that in many developing countries, 90% of a woman's income is reinvested in the children and in the family, where for comparison it only applies to 30-40% for men. If you as a company really want to future-proof your business and contribute to sustainable development, you simply do not avoid investing in girls and women.


    Migrants in Detention

    A Documentary on migrants on detention around the Kenyan Borders.


    Dysmus Kisilu is the founder of Solar Freeze, a company that provides renewable energy solutions as a service to smallholder farmers in Kenya to increase agricultural productivity. Solutions include solar powered irrigation kits and solar powered cold storage units. To date, Dysmus has worked with 3,000 small scale women farmers in Kenya to increase agricultural yields by more than 150% from 2016.


    Urban Labs the film

    Throughout 2016 we produced a film about the Urban Labs with UN Habitat and the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund.

    It premiered at Habitat III in Quito in October 2016.

    Media HQ travelled to 14 countries


    Hate Speech in South Sudan

    With Peace Tech Lab (Kenya - USA) we produced a film about social media as a weapon in conflicts. Focussing on the South Sudanese refugees, their stories and experiences, being torn between predators and victims, between warnings and threads. The impact of social media in times of conflict is huge and devastating.


  • Who we are...

    Alexander Valeton International Media Producer Nairobi Kenya, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Alexander Valeton

    Creative Producer / MD

    Alexander has produced film and videos for over 20 years in more then 25 countries.


    His love for developing strong ideas and good stories makes him the ideal creative producer.

    Justin Wachira Post-Production Nairobi Kenya

    Justin Wachira


    Justin has awarded experience in post-production.


    From the beginning till the end he is engaged in each production, safeguarding the quality .

    Kees Rotteveel, Creative Producer, Media HQ, Uganda, Kampala

    Kees Rotteveel

    Creative Producer - Uganda

    Kees is a all round creative producer with an extensive track record in the Netherlands and Uganda.


    His background in TV production and his creative, critical and solution driven mind make him the ideal production partner in Uganda.


    Julian Manjahi Photography Nairobi Kenya

    Julian Manjahi


    Julian is a dedicated and energetic photographer with 10+ years’ experience specialized photography.


    humanitarian, cultural, environmental and documentary photography... You name it, he organizes and captures it.


  • What we do... step by step

    Development- Consultancy - Production

    Social media strategies - Video production

    Step 1: Consultancy

    This is where it starts; you want a media solution, you call us. We listen, analyze and think along with you. We will ask a lot... because we need to know. Once we really understand, we can develop a proposal.

    Step 2: Development

    Once we agree about your needs and wishes we make an action plan, conceptualize an idea, visualize your wishes and see what it takes to actually make it.

    Step 3: Production

    The plan is there, now we will execute it. We'll find the right people, jump in a car, boat or plane to go out. We'll pick up a camera or get that illustrator at work. The post production people are tapping on their desks to edit the material. Are you ready for the launch?

    Social media strategies

    It starts with a Media Strategy, In which fits the video, the audio and the photography.

    We have trained staff that can develop together with your social media strategy and can even implement and execute it. (if you want to reach out, you can expect reactions... so you'll react again)

    Fixer service only

    If you want us to produce your East African film or photo shoot. Sure, we can do that too. You'll need permits, locations, a fixer, a researcher, a producer or a complete crew. We'll fix it (or tell you it's impossible).

    Photography service

    Next to developing media concepts and producing good videos we also have a professional photography service to underline your message, to capture the making-off or to make a stand alone photo documentary.

  • Who we work with...

    "...with each client we have a different path, a different energy and a different outcome

    ...that's probably why we enjoy our work!"

    "Alexander Valeton"

    Media HQ, UN-Habitat, Kenya

    UN Habitat -Kenya

    Media HQ, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries fund Netherlands

    Creative Fund Netherlands

    Media HQ, NeedaFixer, United Kingdom


    Needafixer - UK



    Media HQ, Videocraft Studio, Kenya

    Videocraft - Kenya

    Media HQ, Consumer Panel Africa, Kenya

    Consumer panel - Kenya

    Media HQ, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kenya

    Netherlands Embassy - Kenya

    Media HQ, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

    Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Media HQ, UNDP, United Nations Development Programme, Kenya

    UNDP - Kenya



    Media HQ, WorldCoaches, KNVB, the Netherlands

    WorldCoaches - the Netherlands

    Media HQ, VPRO, the Netherlands

    VPRO - the Netherlands

    Media HQ, SNV, the Netherlands

    SNV Kenya - the Netherlands

    Media HQ, PeaceTech Lab, USA, Washington

    PeaceTech Lab - USA

    Media HQ, Princess Máxima Foundation

    Princess Máxima foundation



    Media HQ, UN Environment

    UN Environment



    The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit



    Media HQ,UN REDD+


    Media HQ, NTR TV

    NTR TV



    Media HQ, BNNVARA





  • Our Clients

    THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US...and we like it

    Media HQ, UN Women, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, Africa


    Patterson Siema - Communications and Advocacy Advisor, Eastern and Southern Africa.


    We were glad to be joined by Alexander and his team from Media HQ who facilitated a session on use of social media and video in development communications.

    Their in-depth and practical facilitation inspired the team of UN Women Africa Communicators to seek ways of innovatively profiling the work of UN Women in Africa .
    March 2017

    Media HQ, Nieuwsuur


    sHans Kema & Hein Hansen - jounalists


    Working with Media HQ and Alexander in late 2016 proved to be a very professional, efficient and also nice experience. We told them what we were looking for and Alexander and his team interpreted that in a very practical and quick way. Their network in and around Nairobi is excellent. Media HQ also came up with good ideas that fitted the story we wanted to shoot and they took care of all the things we could think of. It's obvious they have deep knowledge of the particular needs of television crews working in the field. We will definitely recommend these pros to anyone who is planning to film in East Africa.
    December 2016

    Media HQ, NeedaFixer, UK


    Galateia Kapralou - Coordinator


    I worked with Alexander for a shoot in Nairobi and Thika. He has been a highly professional and tentative producer and fixer, overseeing the whole production from start to finish, up to the last detail. He was always happy to do more and was generous with his time while very effective and resourceful. I am really looking forward to working with him again and I consider Media HQ as our go-to people in the whole of Kenya.

    June 2016


    Media HQ, Connecting People's Capacities, the Netherlands


    Stefan Engels - coordinator Hortimpact


    With Alexander we have developed a great idea and plan for filming the process, from start to finish of our project. Starting off with a baseline film and following every step. He developed the idea and is executing the production. It works great, flawless and smooth and the output is better than expected.

    November 2015

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